Manage, version, and collaborate on analytical models in CoBaseKRM for JMP

Manage, version, and collaborate on analytical models in CoBaseKRM for JMP

Jan 24, 2024


Introducing the latest in KRM: Model Management  

For R&D-driven companies, analytical models power everything from product development to manufacturing optimizations.  However, models are often scattered across file folders and individual desktops, difficult to find, or lost in emails. Valuable staff time that could be spent innovating and deriving insights is wasted searching for the right data or recreating existing models. 

To help solve these pervasive issues, CoBaseKRM is proud to announce Model Management in CoBaseKRM for JMP

Managing analytical models  

Making accurate models can be time consuming. Managing these same models across the organization can be fraught with other difficulties, including: 

  • Ensuring colleagues and others use the most current versions of models.

  • Accessing models developed by colleagues without waiting long periods of time for file transfers and permission 

  • Proving managers with clear, actionable insights supported by model metrics and reports 

According to our CEO, Wayne Levin: “Models are assets just like equipment and raw material. They cost money to build and, just like equipment, poor performance must be rectified to prevent loss. It’s time we managed models like any other asset.”  

The CoBaseKRM suite of tools promises a new standard for analytical work – an integrated platform for knowledge relationship management.  

At its core, CoBaseKRM systematically captures analytical IP, data, in-situ staff thinking, and other critical information, and connects it to downstream innovations so that it becomes a reusable asset. 

With CoBaseKRM’s model management, R&D teams can look forward to: 

  • A centralized model index with powerful search features 

  • Integrated version control for streamlined model updates 

  • Side-by-side model comparison to identify high performers 

  • Tying models directly to downstream innovations 

The result?

Analysts at the smallest startups to largest enterprises can focus more cycles on deriving unique insights and accelerating critical R&D initiatives. 

The road ahead

Our team can’t wait to share new stories of how customers are leveraging the time savings and performance gains. Model management marks a major milestone in the KRM mission to transform enterprises through streamlined analytics.

Want to try it for free? Check out the Model Management feature page where you can learn more and book a demo.

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